2 Exercises To Strengthen Your Whole Body

Only two exercises…..but it’s definitely not easy.

Before you get going, make sure you warm-up properly. Jumping jacks, inchworms and lunges are just a few exercises you can perform to get your body ready.

The workout follows a classic couplet rep routine: 21-15-9. You’ll need either dumbbells or a kettlebell for the goblet squats.

You’ll start with 21 goblet squats and 21 burpees, followed by 15 goblet squats and 15 burpees, then finally 9 goblet squats and 9 burpees. Between sets, rest for a minute or two before launching into the next round of goblet squats & burpees.

Complete 3-6 rounds depending on how fit you are and how tough you want to make it?

Seeing as you’re most likely doing this workout at home, track how long it takes you to complete all the sets and try to beat your personal best next time.