All You Need For Home Workouts

Home workout kit

It’s much easier than you think to set up home workouts.

All you need is a few meters of space and some basic equipment.

You can build up your home exercise equipment stash with just a few key pieces of equipment that aren’t expensive to buy and they’ll give you loads of different exercise possibilities. These 5 pieces of workout equipment will equip you for pretty much any home workouts.

1: Mat
Get yourself a mat to workout on, makes it a lot more comfortable for any floor exercises and it’s easy to wipe down after you’ve finished an intense session.

2: Resistance Bands
They’re an inexpensive option that can be easily stored and can go with you just about anywhere. You can opt for a package that includes a variety of bands in different sizes and resistance levels.

You can use the bands for glute and hamstring work, and strengthen your upper body. Longer bands are great for upright rows, overhead presses, biceps curls or lateral raises.

3: Dumbbells
Definitely worth investing in a few sets of dumbbells for strength training. Like resistance bands, dumbbells are a versatile, easy-to-use piece of equipment that can be added to just about any exercise for some muscle-building, which is beneficial to everyone regardless of your goals and level of fitness.

I would suggest starting with 3kg, 4kg, or 5kg for ladies and 4kg or 5kg upwards for men, depending on your strength and fitness?

4: Kettlebells
Kettlebells can be used for strength, muscle building, balance improvements and increases in core strength, as well as boosting your aerobic capacity.

8kg is a good starting weight for ladies, then move up to 10kg. Men should start with a 12kg or 14kg, then move up to 16kg.

5: Sliders
Sliders are great for full-body workouts, especially your abs. If you’re having trouble visualising this piece of equipment, they’re two small disks (or you could just use towels) you can place under your feet or hands to glide smoothly on the floor.

Like resistance bands, sliders are a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment, can be easily stored and offer a big variety of exercise options.